Monday, November 12, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Copper Plate Quest: Ethel Cooper and George Leov

The latest copper plate is probably my favorite, from a design perspective.  It is hammered copper, in a very California Craftsman style, and is just beautiful.  But it was clearly used as an ash tray, which has muddled the text a bit.

Ethel was working as a bookkeeper at a printing house in 1920, supporting her parents and brother.  All of her family was born in Scotland.  She died in 1970.

George was born in Austria, and came to the US when he was 1.  He was in the US Army in World War I and died in 1947.  He is buried at Golden Gate National Cemetary.

Their son Warren was born in 1924.  According to his cousin on, he is still living in California, and never had children of his own.  My hope is to return this plate to his cousins, so he can see this lovely token of his parents' wedding.

The Copper Plate Quest started here: Copper Plate Quest, and continued here: Norton and Douglass.