Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Using Protopage to Organize RSS Feeds and Replace What Google Took Away

I didn't use Google Reader much, but its discontinuation has clearly thrown a lot of people off.  I did use Google home page, but that was discontinued several months ago.  So for those of us who loved those tools, my Tuesday Tip is to use my new favorite: Protopage.com.

5 Things I Love About Protopage:

1.  It allows for customizable tabs, so I can easily organize my feeds by topic.  All my genealogy feeds are on one tab, all my art feeds are on another, all my cooking ones are on another, etc.

2.  It keeps track of which articles I've read by crossing them off on the page, so it's easy to scan for new entries.

3.  It allows for non-RSS widgets as well - comic strips, games, and even To-Do lists with checkboxes, which I find very handy.  I have multiple to-do lists for home, work, etc.

4.  It is easy to set up and customize with colors, etc. and offers customization at the feed level - how many headlines appear, whether there are pictures, etc.

5.  I can choose to make my page with the feeds I like public or private.  Because of the to-do lists I choose private, but there may be value for many people in using pubic instead.

So give it a try.  I think you'll find it's a great replacement for what you think you're missing now that Google has moved on.

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  1. I've been using igoogle to organize all the blogs I read - different tabs for different kinds of blogs. It will be disappearing soon too. I had not heard of Protopage before. I'll check it out. Thanks for sharing the information.